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Aluminum or Wood Fence: Which Is A Better Choice?


Deciding to build a fence is a choice that can enable you to enjoy your yard in ways that are not possible or practical without a fence. To get the benefits of a fence, you must first choose the type fence you wish to install. Aluminum and wood fences are available, as are other selections. Each material has different advantages that you can compare to decide which style of fence is right for you. If you would like help making your selection, we can evaluate your reasons for building a fence and make suggestions about which option is the best choice for your home.

Making the Right Choice

Ultimately, making a choice between wood and aluminum fencing comes down to your preferences and your goals for your yard. If you want a contained, private area that allows you to build a pool you can use without the watchful eyes of your neighbors, or if want a secluded garden space, a wood fence may be the correct choice. However, if you want a fence that showcases your yard while still providing a barrier, aluminum may work for you and your family.


An aluminum fence has the appearance of a traditional wrought iron fence. Homeowners can place an aluminum fence around their property lines in both their front and backyards. With an aluminum fence, you can usually see what is behind the fence standing on the street. For some people, this a good choice because they want to place the fence around the front of their home, or they make like the look of a fence that partially reveals the inside of a backyard.

A wood fence around a backyard or a side yard can enhance the appearance of the exterior of your home. A home without a fence can appear to be missing something vital, and the enclosed area created by a wood fence can actually make your backyard appear larger because it emphasizes all of the space available.


Both an aluminum and wood fence can secure your yard against others entering without permission. If being in full view of your neighbors when in your backyard is a concern, you may want to opt for a wood fence. A wood fence can act as an obstruction to prevent others from seeing your private spaces, and an aluminum fence can keep people and animals from walking on your grass.


An aluminum fence is protected against damage by a permanent coat of industrial powder, allowing you to achieve the look of an iron fence without sacrificing durability. For the same reason, an aluminum fence may be a good choice for people who want a fence that maintains a consistent appearance over the course of time. A wooden fence may need repairs and additional coats of paint and sealant over the years.

Other Considerations

The construction of an aluminum fence may take less time than building a wood fence. The bars and posts are interlocking and easily placed into the ground. A wood fence is also relatively simple to construct, but it can additional work to cut and size the wood for the fence. Posts must be placed for both types of fencing.

The size of the fence you want is also something to consider when comparing wood versus aluminum. With both materials, you can select the height of the fence, and we can build the fence according to your specifications. Your neighborhood may have restrictions on how high you can build a fence, however, so this is something you may want to check in your neighborhood association paperwork.

Both wood and aluminum fences are customizable in ways other than the height of the fence. You can paint a wood fence or choose among different colors and styles of wood staining. An aluminum fence can also come in different colors to match the exterior of your home, and the appearance of the fence is well-suited to be used in tandem with an aluminum electric entry gate at the end of your driveway.


Selecting a fence material is about evaluating your choices in context of the different trade-offs provided by each type of material. Both styles of fencing can protect a home, enhance its appearance, and contribute to the worth of your property. By evaluating your reasons for wanting a fence and considering your budget, you can make a choice that pays off in the amount of enjoyment you can get from your backyard. Call us today to schedule an appointment and get our advice about which type of fence we recommend for you.

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