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Does A Fence Increase Property Value?

Many homeowners enjoy having a fence for the privacy it provides. A fence can enable a family to easily care for pets, and it can alleviate concerns associated with children playing in a backyard. A good fence can be the perfect jumping off point for a homeowner to build a deck and purchase outdoor seating. For all of these reasons and more, a fence can increase the property value of your home and make it more attractive to potential buyers. We can build you a fence that meets your needs and complements the appearance of your home.


What does a fence add to a home?

1. A fence can accent a home’s exterior. You can choose to install a decorative gate along with an aluminum fence around your front yard, framing the yard while still allowing those passing by to see your home from the street.

2. With a fence, you can physically mark your property lines and make it obvious where your yard ends and your neighbor’s begins. This can be beneficial for landscaping, as the fence can serve as a clear dividing line for who is responsible for taking care of the edges of a property. Landscaping can make a home more appealing to interested buyers.

3. A fence can help protect a family. With a fence, you are adding an additional layer between your home and the outside world. You can make a fence secure by adding a lock on the gate, and you can build a fence high enough to prevent others from easily seeing inside your back windows on the first floor of your home. A safe, well-protected home is more desirable than a home with an open backyard exposing the back of the house for all to see, and a home’s increased market value with a fence can reflect this fact.

Getting Full Value

Privacy, security, and appearance are all reasons a fence can increase the worth of a home and make it more attractive to potential buyers. Even if you do not plan on selling your home anytime soon, to get the full value out of your fence, it is important to purchase a fence made from quality materials. Vinyl, aluminum, and wood fences are available, as are other styles, such as chain link.

Our company helps you with each step of the fence installation process. We can listen to your needs and make suggestions about the best type of fence for your home. Before building your fence, we can help you determine the location of your property lines by examining any existing land survey reports that you have on record. If you do not have records, we offer land surveying services to establish the boundaries of your property. When building the fence, we can work with you to minimize the impact of the construction on your home and your family. All of these services can allow you to maximize the gains made from adding a fence to your property.

Market Recovery

By building a fence now, you can prepare your home to enter the real estate market when you are ready to move. Experienced real estate agents suggest building a fence to increase the property value of your home. Making improvements to a home can make potential buyers notice it among many others in a real estate listing. Depending on the current state of the housing market, it can be helpful to get any advantage possible to help you sell your home.

Complementary Changes

With a fence, you make other renovations and additions that further increase your property value. For example, you can build a pool. A fence is needed to surround pool to prevent accidents and keep out uninvited guests. Inside of a fenced backyard, you can use the space to start a vegetable garden or build a walkway to a sitting area in the middle of the yard. All of these changes are improvements that can increase the worth of your home.


You can decide to build a fence before moving into a new home, so your family can immediately enjoy the benefits of the backyard. Some homeowners wait until they are about to place their home on the market before building a fence as a tactic to attract potential buyers. To benefit from both having a fence and the ways it can increase your property value, build a fence around your backyard as one of the first improvements you make to your home.

Building a Fence

A fence can increase the property value of a home in numerous ways. Buyers prefer houses with a fence, and a fence is an investment into the overall worth of your property. We can build you a fence that blends in seamlessly with your home and increases its curb appeal.



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