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Frequently Asked Questions…

Q: How long will it take to build my fence?
A: Usually a few days. Weather and soil conditions can delay the project.

Q: How do I know where my property boundaries are?
A: If your property pins are not clearly marked then a land survey is your best bet. You probably purchased one when you bought your home and it’s probably in your closing papers (see your associate for an example). If one is not available and there are concerns that your fence may encroach upon your neighbor’s property, Fence Me In offers affordable Land Surveys ($150).

Q: What about my Home Owner Association guidelines?
A: Some neighborhoods have HOA guidelines that have to be abided by before construction can begin. You should have a neighborhood packet with the closing papers from when you purchased your home or they may be obtained by contacting a member of your HOA. Fence Me In will provide a detailed drawing of the outline of your fence – see final page (height, picket spacing, placement of gates) and a description of the materials to be used.

Q: What is the warranty of the fence?
A: The warranty is one year on the workmanship of the fence. Due to the nature of wood, Fence Me In is not responsible for warpage or splitting of materials once the fence has been built. Your best bet is to apply a wood sealant after the fence has been built. This will help insure a long life for a wood fence.

Q: What are the payment terms?
A: We require one-half down at the time the agreement is made and the remaining one-half on the completion of the fence once it is to your satisfaction.

Q: Can I lock my gates?
A: Yes, Fence Me In provides latches that do lock from the inside to prevent outsiders from entering your fence.

Q: What if I want to bring a large equipment vehicle into my back yard like a tree removal truck?
A: The best solution here is to have us install a double gate. Or a removable section is a less expensive alternative.

Q: How high should I build my fence to keep my dog from jumping out?
A: Do some research on line to see the different breeds and their jumping abilities. Most dogs won’t attempt to climb or jump out of 4’ high fence. VERY few have the ability or desire to try to jump a 6’ fence.

Q: What about utilities buried underground?
A: Fence Me In will call Miss Utility to have all public utility lines marked. However, Fence Me In is not responsible for hitting unmarked utilities or private lines – These lines MUST be marked by the customer.

Wood Fences Richmond
Wood Fences Richmond
Custom built wood fences - Richmond, Virginia.
Vinyl Fences Richmond
Vinyl Fences Richmond
Custom built vinyl fences - Richmond, Virginia.
Chain Link Fences Richmond
Chain Link Fences Richmond
Custom built chain link fences - Richmond, Virginia.
Aluminum Fences Richmond
Aluminum Fences Richmond
Custom built aluminum fences - Richmond, Virginia.
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