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Choosing the Right Fence for Your Horses (Horse Fencing)

Fencing for Your Horse Considerations

As daily chores are attended to, people who own horse property in Central Virginia (Charlottesville , Richmond, etc.) may routinely encounter fencing areas that are in need of work, and sometimes there are multiple areas that need attention.  The longer a person waits to do the repairs, the worse the fencing conditions can become.  Horses testing their boundaries and exposure to weather continually weaken and erode fencing materials and structures.  But what can you do about it?

Fencing for Horses

There are financial considerations, time, and the man power to actually get the job done right that all have to be planned out and accounted for.  But before you begin a fencing renovation project, think about these things first:

1. Evaluate the condition of the fence in question.  Take some time to walk out and inspect the areas of fencing that need attention.  Bring a notepad and a pencil with you so you can make list of details like what condition the posts and rails are in.  Also inspect other fencing materials like mesh, wire and brackets, and make note of their condition as well.

2. Prioritize your findings.  Once you have drafted a list of items that need to be repaired or replaced, prioritize what needs your attention first.  Do this from a safety and containment perspective and take care of areas that require immediate work quickly.  These areas would include fencing that is unsafe, unstable, and that would allow your horses to escape.

Horse Fencing3. Recruit help.  Employ the services of a licensed fencing company (that’s us, Contact Fence Me In today at (804) 325-9221) for a free fencing estimate.) that knows exactly how to make the repairs or to replace the fence in question.  They may ask you to provide them with the following information:

  • A description of the kind of fence you have
  • The type of material the rails are made from
  • The distance between each post
  • What kind of bracing might be present for the ends
  • The dimensions of your fenced area
  • The number of corners and gated areas
  • Your soil type and condition
  • The number of horses that are routinely present within the fenced area
  • Any fencing problems that you may have

As you provide details to the fencing contractor he should have a more complete understanding of exactly what is going on and how he can help.  During your discussion you may also think of questions that he can answer for you.

4.  Consider your options.  Once you have discussed the details of your fencing needs, you can start to consider some solutions, and having the knowledge and experience of a licensed fence contractor at your disposal will provide you with some good insights.  Here are two horse fence ideas:

  • Split rail systems with electricity.  To prevent horses from walking down fence lines or from leaning on fences, you may want to install electric mesh; but before installing it repairs should be made.
  • Woven wire fences with a top site rail.  This type of fencing should be installed with care.  Spliced wire can have sharp edges which can lead to you or your animals getting cut.  Be sure each splice is crimped so no sharp edges are exposed.

Employing the services of a licensed fence contractor can provide you with a safe, sound structure that will last for years to come.

Contact Fence Me In, LLC Richmond today at (804) 325-9221 for a free fencing estimate.

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