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Five Things You Need To Know Before You Build A Fence

Before you build a fenceFences are a great investment in privacy, security, and curb appeal.  They can add much needed functionality while remaining a distinctive design element for a home.  With so many different fencing styles and materials to choose from there is sure to be a great fencing option for just about any homeowner’s tastes and budget.  Before you start buying fence materials and digging holes, however, there are a few considerations that you need to make to ensure that the fence is built properly and will meet your needs.

1- Why You Are Building a Fence

First of all, consider why you want to build a fence in the first place.  This will help you to decide how much to spend and what kind of materials to choose.  If you mainly need a fence to keep the dog in and don’t want to spend a lot of money then a chain link fence may be a great option.  On the other hand, if you need privacy, a vinyl or wood fence may be a better option.  Take the time to seriously consider what functions you want your fence to provide so that you can choose a style that will meet these needs.

2- Neighborhood and Municipal Building Codes

Impulsively running out and putting up a fence may cost you in the long run.  If the fence you build does not meet neighborhood or city building codes, you may end up taking the fence right back down!  Many neighborhoods and cities have rules about the height, look, and materials that a fence can be build with.  In addition, there are often codes that pertain to how far a fence has to be set back from a road or corner.  Make sure that you research the codes in your area and get a building permit if required to protect your investment.

3- Whether You Want To Hire a Professional

Building a fence may look easy when doing your research on the internet but, like most projects, can be much more complicated when you try to do it yourself.  If you are not secure in your handyman skills consider hiring a professional.  Many contractors will give you free estimates so it makes sense to consider your options.

4- Your Neighbors Preferences

If you share a property line with a neighbor, it is important that you discuss your fencing decisions together.  The fence may negatively impact their property or views so their opinions need to be heard.  They may also have strong feelings regarding what style of fence materials to use.  Furthermore, make sure that you have clear and precise property line measurements before you build.

5- Consider Gates

Last, but not least, make sure that you take into consideration how you want to be able to maneuver around your yard.  The last thing you want to do is block off a commonly used pathway by a solid fence.  Gates should be installed wherever you frequently need access.  Additionally, make sure that you choose gates that are wide enough to get vehicles or yard equipment through if necessary.  Gates may also be beneficial if you want access to parks, neighbors, or roadways.

Once you have taken the time to research or think about all of these options, you are ready to start the fence building process. With a little time and research, you can feel confident in your choices and enjoy the beauty and functionality of a well built fence for many years.

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