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Five Tips For Making Yard Work Easier


Get a spouse or friend to help with the yard work. Many hands make light (yard) work.

There may be some people who love spending hours in the sun bending, raking, sweating, and weeding.  Most people, though, would rather take on just about any other task than a day full of yard work.  If you are one of those that dread gardening, there are a few things that you can do to make the job a little easier and a whole lot less work.

1- Get the Right Tools

With the right tools in hand, yard work can be a snap.  Yard tools may represent a bit of an investment, but they are often well worth every penny.   To minimize the amount of strain and sweat that you have to expend while doing yard work, invest in quality yard power tools.  Trimmers, edgers, blowers, and tillers make working the soil much easier.  Additionally, power tools often complete tasks in a fraction of the time it would take to do them by hand thereby getting you out of the sun and inside much quicker.

2- Stop Weeds before They Start

The best strategy for fighting weeds is to prevent them in the first place.  Weeds that have already taken over a garden or flower bed can be next to impossible to completely eliminate.  On the other hand, when you make sure that they never even start growing, you have already won half the battle.  Start preventing weeds by preparing gardens when you first plant them.  Put down a quality landscape fabric and cover it with a thick layer of mulch or rock.  In areas where there are very few plants growing, pull out your sprayer and saturate weeds with a strong herbicide to completely kill them while keeping them from coming back.

3- Don’t Take On Too Much At One Time

If your garden has already gotten out of control, spending a few full days out in the sun battling overgrown bushes and weeds may make you dread yard work for the rest of the summer.  Instead, take on one small project at a time until the entire yard has been completed.   Better yet, schedule 15 minutes every day or even 1 hour once a week and devote it entirely to yard work.  When you know that there is a definitive start and finish to your work, the time may go by faster and easier.

4- Work when it’s Cooler Outside

Nothing takes the fun out of yard work like sweating and baking in the scorching sun.  A better idea would be to get out and get the work done before the day has had a chance to heat up.  When the work is completed first thing in the morning, you have the additional benefit of getting it done so that you can enjoy the rest of the day without dread weighing you down.

5- Hire Someone

Hiring someone is the ultimate tip for making yard work as easy as possible.  There are many landscape companies that provide regular yard maintenance as a service.  If their prices seem a little too steep, consider asking a teenage neighbor or family member if he or she would like to earn a little extra money.

When it comes to yard work there really is a way to work smarter not harder.  With the right tools and a solid game plan, yard work doesn’t have to be something that you dread.   Try to keep in mind that the results of a well maintained lawn and garden are often well worth any effort.

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