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How To Estimate The Average Cost Of A New Fence in Richmond, VA

Estimating new fence costs

Having a fence is the perfect way to top off the look of your house. Much like a bracelet, earrings or rings, fences are like accessories for the outside of your house. If you’re thinking about putting up a fence, there are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration, such as what purpose the fence will serve, what materials you plan on going with and how much the fence installation will cost. The cost is the main factor that will determine many of your other decisions, so it pays to be well-informed of what makes up the average cost of installing a fence.


The type of fence you put up will play a big part of how much you’ll spend. You have a lot of options, including three-rail fencing, picket fencing, privacy fencing and chain link fencing. In addition to price, each type comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, such as upkeep and repair. Do your homework before making a final decision since the more expensive type of fence may be well worth it.


Fencing in a small backyard won’t cost as much as fencing in a large backyard. In 2010, 300 feet of privacy fencing cost homeowners as much as $6,000 and an entire acre cost as much as $20,000. For the same year,  three-hundred feet of three-rail fencing cost $6,000 and $14,000 for an acre. Homeowners who wanted a picket fence in 2010 paid $10,000 for 300 feet and $30,000 for an entire acre. To save money on costs, you can get a cheaper fence for the backyard and a slightly more expensive fence for the front yard.

Additional Costs

You have to pay for more than just your new fence. If you need or want them, you’ll also have to pay for gates, which can cost upwards of $400. Simply installing a few gates can push up the costs of your fence installation by $2,000 or more. If you have difficult terrain to put a fence on, the fencing company may charge you extra for that as well. Installation is another additional cost to think about. Much like the cost of labor for your automobile when compared to the actual price, installation can make up a majority of your expenses. According to 2010 statistics, privacy fencing or three-rail fencing that is set up by a professional can cost you as much as fifty percent of the final costs.

Additional Features

Vinyl Fence Specialists

Certain types of fencing come with their own unique additional features. Cedar is the type of wood that is usually used for privacy fencing while a chain link fence is most often wrought from stainless steel and you won’t have to do much to take care of it over the years. A chain link fence also comes in a variety of coatings that can better blend in with the surroundings of your house. These coatings include green and brown. You should also keep in mind that privacy fences are usually six feet high while chain link fences are usually five feet. This can be worth noting if you have big dogs or children that you want to keep in the yard.

Educating yourself on what makes up the cost of your new fence is just as important as educating yourself on the different types of fences there are.

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