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Plan the Perfect Fence for Your Property

The fence around your property can have a great impact on your landscape, the safety of your home and family, and many other aspects of your life. In order to plan the fence that will deliver everything that you wish from it, you should carefully consider each part of the design. From the main reasons you want the fence to the decorative part it will play in your landscape, by considering each aspect of the fence, you will be able to plan just the right fence.

Identify the purpose or purposes of your fence


One of the very first steps to take when you are ready to choose the fencing for your property is to determine the purpose which you want the fence to fulfill. Perhaps you are looking for a way to deter unwanted intruders or maybe you want to create a sense of privacy around your home. Many fences are installed to keep children and animals in, or perhaps to keep them out. Other fences are chosen specifically for the role which they will play in the landscaping design.

As you consider the different forms of fence design which appeal to you, keep the purpose of the fence firmly in mind. Some of the most popular reasons for fencing are:

  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Screening
  • Maintaining neighbor relations
  • Soundproofing
  • Reduction of wind or to serve as shading
  • Animal safety and containment
  • Enclose a pool or other area of potential danger
  • Protect the landscape

Take care of the practical elements which will affect the style of your fence


There are a couple of practical elements which you will need to take into account before you let your creativity take over the planning process.

  • Zoning codes and requirements vary from one locality to another. If your neighborhood is a planned community, then you may have to abide by two sets of rules. The zoning restrictions often cover the height of the fence, the location of the fence, and sometimes the type of fencing material.
  • Your allocated fence budget may affect the types of materials you are able to consider. However, many homeowners have found creative ways to work with the materials available to them.
  • Neighbors may also want to have some input on the fence you put up. This is especially true if you want the fence to sit on the property line. When maintaining good neighbor relations is a priority, then sharing your ideas up front may be a good step to take.

Consider the design you want and sketch out your fence ideas


With your purpose at the forefront of the planning and a few practical items taken care of, you can begin to consider the type of design that you want for the fence.

  • During the design stage, location should again be considered. This time you’ll be considering the location of your home. Fences used in rural areas may be much different than the fences used in an urban setting. A while picket fence may not look in place in a crowded city setting while a soundproof, concrete barrier will seem out of place in a suburban neighborhood.
  • Your own design preferences which you have already incorporated into your home and other areas of landscaping should be considered as you plan the fence. If you have already chosen to go with a modern look, then design a fence to complement that type of style.
  • Open yourself up to the possibility of varying the fence depending upon where the fence is and what the fence is supposed to do. You may choose a wood fence around the main boundaries of your yard, while identifying garden or play areas with iron railings, for example.

Choose your fencing materials


There are some fantastic choices when it comes to fencing material. There are many common materials, but there are also some fencing unique fencing ideas which can add an element of personality to your property. Consider these common and not so common choices:

Once you have determined the purpose of the fence, taken care of practical issues, sketched out your design, chosen the materials, you will be well on your way to setting up the perfect fence for your home and family.

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