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Pros And Cons Of Wood Fencing

For a variety of reasons, wood fencing has become the standard on many American homes. Wood has a lot to recommend it over other fencing materials such as vinyl or metal, but, depending on what you are looking for in fence, wood may not be the best option. Before installing any fence, it is a good idea to seriously consider the pros and cons of different materials. Remember, you may have to live with the fence you build around your house and yard for a very long time.

These are some of the pros and cons of wood fencing that you may want to consider. Keep in mind that many of these factors can vary depending on the climate and other factors of the area where you live.

Advantages of wood fencing

  • Wood fencing is inexpensive compared to other materials.  High quality cedar boards can be had for a fraction of the cost of the same amount of fencing material in vinyl or aluminum.
  • Wood is also extremely versatile. A variety of different woods – from light to dark – can be used in the construction of fences, and boards can easily be painted any color. In addition, wood fences can be crafted into different designs and heights relatively simply.
  • Wood fencing also offers an advantage over materials such as wrought iron because it is easy to build yourself. Fence boards are light enough that a single person can carry them, and working with wood requires only a few simple tools that many people already have around their houses.
  • While not the most striking building material, wood is generally very attractive when used to build fences. If you are part of a Home Owner’s Association, then a wood fence is generally likely to be approved even if the association has relatively strict guidelines.

Disadvantages of wood fencing

  • Wood fences may be difficult to maintain. Especially in areas where the weather is humid or prone to rain and snow, rot is a common problem. To counteract this, it is important to inspect your wood fence yearly and apply water-resistant sealant on a regular basis.
  • In a worst-case scenario, wood fences can attract termites. These destructive insects will not only damage or destroy the fence itself, but they may spread to your home or other structures on your property.
  • Depending on the type of soil your fence is built on, the boards may sink into the ground over time, warping the fence. In areas where this is an issue, installing an underground concrete base for the fence will often prevent the problem.
  • While they can be very attractive and have a classic appearance, wood fences are very common, which means that some homeowners consider them a bit on the plain side. If you are looking for something that really makes your home stand out, you may want to consider using a different material for your fence.

What are my other options?

  • Vinyl – Vinyl fencing has an appearance very similar to wood, but it is resistant to many of wood’s common problems such as fading, warping, and rot. However, it is more expensive and can be more difficult to install without the help of a professional.
  • AluminumAluminum fencing is lightweight and durable. It’s recyclable, and you can find fencing that has been made from recycled materials. In general, an aluminum fence can be counted on to last many years, though it may incur its share of dents and scratches during that time.
  • Brick – Brick fences are incredibly sturdy, though building them can be time consuming and expensive. If you live near a busy street, brick is one of the best materials you can use to cut down traffic noises. However, having a high brick wall around your house may also look forbidding or unfriendly to neighbors and visitors.  Cinderblocks and stone are other alternatives that are similar to brick.
  • Iron – Iron fences are sturdy and beautiful, and they add a touch of classical elegance to your home. The downside of iron is that it is one of the most expensive materials used in fencing, a price that is compounded by the cost of hiring workmen to install it. Though generally durable, iron fences can rust and tarnish over time, so some maintenance is necessary.
  • Chain linkChain link is an inexpensive, functional option for fences located in an area where appearance is not as important. It is perfect for enclosing pets in the backyard, for example, or adding a partition between two different properties.
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Wood Fences Richmond
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Vinyl Fences Richmond
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