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Six Reasons To Install A Fence

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If you have thought about installing a fence for your home or business but are unsure if you want to spend the money, consider the many benefits a fence has to offer.  The first benefit that may come to your mind is privacy but there are at least five more reasons that may help convince you of the need to install a fence.  Below are the top six reasons to install a fence yourself or to hire a professional fencing company.

1.  Privacy

As mentioned above, privacy is probably one of the most common reasons listed for wanting to install a fence around a home or business.  Did you know that there are different levels of privacy that can be achieved with different fencing styles?  If you want total privacy then a wood or vinyl fence might be the perfect choice.  If you want a lower level of privacy and would like to be able to see outside your property, you may consider installing a chain link or aluminum fence.  Whatever your privacy needs, there are different types of materials available.

2. Protection

Another popular reason cited for installing a fence is protection.  You may have property or possessions outside that you would like to keep safe and secure.  If you are working on a project outdoors or simply want to keep your barbecue or other large items outside, a fence will provide an extra layer of security.

If you have children, protection is probably your number one concern.  Installing a fence around your home provides a safe haven for your children to play.  You don’t have to worry about children running out into the street or strangers walking by and talking to your kids.

3. Security

A fence provides an additional source of protection to your home.  Your home and possessions are of utmost importance to you and therefore you feel responsible to do all that you can to provide a sense of safety and security.  Burglaries and home invasions often occur from backyards that are unseen to the noise and traffic on the front side of your home.  Installing a fence can help deter would be thieves from attempting to break into your home or business.  By installing a fence around your property, thieves are also unable to see your property and are less likely to attempt to take anything.  Preventing criminal activity and providing security to your family is an invaluable benefit to installing a fence.

4. Establish Boundaries

Hopefully your need to install a fence doesn’t arise from heated arguments with your neighbors; however, sometimes the need to establish your property boundaries is essential.  You may choose to install a fence simply to help establish boundaries.   A fence may help make landscaping and gardening easier as you won’t have to worry about your neighbor’s bushes and/or garden growing into your space.  There are fences that can be installed that look equally appealing on both sides so talk with your neighbor about the benefits of installing a fence.  You may be able to convince your neighbor to pitch in on the cost of installation.  There are benefits to both of you, so hopefully the purchase can be made with both parties paying a fair amount.

5. Noise Reduction

Another huge benefit to installing a fence is noise reduction.  If you live next to a freeway or highway you know that a fence is essential in reducing the amount of noise coming from traffic.  There are many choices of fence materials to help with noise reduction.  Obviously a solid fence such as wood, vinyl or concrete would be better than chain link or aluminum.  If you live next to an especially busy street or highway, consider talking with your local city planning department to see if they can help cover the cost of your fence.  If you border an especially busy street or if new road construction or development is suddenly affecting your property, they may be willing to pitch in on the cost of installing a fence.

6. Insect and Animal Problems

If you are having an especially difficult time with insects biting, did you know a wood fence can actually help keep insects off your property?  Cedar wood contains natural oils that help repel insects and many people are choosing to install cedar fences for their bug-fighting benefits.

Another benefit to installing a fence is that it can keep animal pests out of your yard.  If you have ever lived somewhere where the outside areas are considered common areas, you know the frustration of pets leaving their mark and irresponsible pet-owners not cleaning up after them.  By installing a fence, you will be able to keep stray cats, dogs and other animals off your property.


There are many benefits to installing a fence around your home or business.  Consider your current fencing needs and research the different types of materials available.  You will be able to find the right materials at the right cost to meet your personal goals.


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