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Steps To Beautiful Landscaping In Richmond, VA

Yards have become more than just a place to park a swing set or to let Fido roam. Today, more and more people are using their yard as an extension of their home. The front yard is considered the gateway to a home and is frequently used to showcase the architecture and make a house more warm and welcoming. The backyard is often used for entertainment purposes. Whether you are designing a space to host a large barbeque or peaceful place where just the two of you retreat after a long day, here are 3 steps to more beautiful landscaping in Richmond, VA.

Create A Focal Point


When landscaping your yard, choose a focal point and work around that. The focal point could be anything—a man-made waterfall, a large shade tree, a swimming pool or a fire pit. Once you have determined what you want to main focus of your landscaping to be you can design your yard to highlight that one great feature. If the focal point of your yard is actually the view, you could install a large stone patio and arrange your patio furniture in a way that everyone can enjoy the view. Large, columnar pine trees on either side could frame the view. If you are on a hillside lot and safety is a concern, you could use a low, ranch style fence that wouldn’t obstruct the view.

Define Spaces

Even though your yard is designed around a specific focal point doesn’t mean that it can’t have other points of interest. You should still define other spaces and design your yard in such a way that each space compliments the overall focus of the yard. A winding path made from paving stones invites guests to enjoy other points of interest. A patio made of larger paving stones beneath a pergola could designate an outdoor dining area, while an uncovered portion of the same patio could be used for other activities. Similarly, a tiered backyard or a multi-leveled deck can define different activity zones. Planters can be used to bring the adjacent landscaping onto the deck and create a seamless transition from one space to the next. Fences, lattice, trellises and screens can all be incorporated into your landscaping to define different spaces as well as to protect your privacy. The key is to enhance your privacy in a way that doesn’t detract for the landscaping or feel like a barricade.

Add Pops Of Color


Beautiful landscaping in Richmond, VA—and everywhere else for that matter—have one thing in common: color variety. A lush green yard is nice, but it is also boring. The most stunning yards have different colors throughout the yard to add visual interest. A few ways that you can incorporate more color into your landscaping include:

For instance, you could paint Adirondack chairs in two contrasting colors such as orange and purple and place them in the midst of your greenery to create a contemporary style vignette. Or, for a more nostalgic look, you might use a country corner style white picket fence as the backdrop for an informal flower garden bursting with color.

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