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Why Choose Fence Me In?

Why You Should Choose Fence Me In, LLC for Your Fencing Project…

1. We wet set our concrete when setting posts – not dry packing.

  • Although dry packing allows for a fence to be constructed much faster, the initial set up of the fence posts can be compromised if wind pushes the fence panels before the ground water solidifies the concrete.

2. We build strong fences:

  • All fence posts are buried 2′ deep in concrete.
  • All wood materials a pressure treated #2 pine.
  • We insist on heavy duty 8″ black iron hinges to promote gate strength and guard against gate sag.

3. All nails are ribbed to help prevent boards from coming off the fence.

4. We’re affordable!

  • Despite some our competition’s ability to build a fence faster due to dry packing; we can offer affordable pricing due to our strong relationship with lumber and material providers. Large volume orders = discounts on pricing which we can pass on to the customer.

5. We build custom fences

  • If you want your fence to look different than anybody else’s fence… just ask. Tell us your vision or show us your magazine picture of how you envision your fence looking.

6. Economical Land Survey service. Fence Me In offers professional land survey service for only $150.

7. We’re also an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau.

8. We maintain the highest customer satisfaction rating of any pure fencing company on Service Magic.

9. We’re courteous and friendly. We want you to feel comfortable about referring us to your friends and neighbors.

10. We’re a sponsor of the SPCA. With every fence we build a contribution goes to support our 4 legged friends!

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Wood Fences Richmond
Wood Fences Richmond
Custom built wood fences - Richmond, Virginia.
Vinyl Fences Richmond
Vinyl Fences Richmond
Custom built vinyl fences - Richmond, Virginia.
Chain Link Fences Richmond
Chain Link Fences Richmond
Custom built chain link fences - Richmond, Virginia.
Aluminum Fences Richmond
Aluminum Fences Richmond
Custom built aluminum fences - Richmond, Virginia.
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